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 Math Practice TesCaribouts for Grades 3 -8




Multiplication Practice







Educational games for kids of all ages. (math , grammar, science, spelling, history)   Funbrain

Spell   Where students can practise their spelling words through dictation, memorization or spelling games.
Fact Monster (
This is a reference source of kid-friendly facts and articles. The award-winning site also has loads of interactive tools that encourage kids to improve their math, spelling and vocabulary
Virtual Keyboard -Play an instrument online!  Click here to start playing
Math is Fun! Math Resources  Practise your math facts online! Times tables, addition tables, geometry, measurement, math dictionary – available click here
Alton-Ra – The Lost Statue  Children can explore Egypt’s ancient civilization and solve word puzzles with this spelling game —  Aton-Ra The Lost Statue
Funology  Site filled with lots of fun, creative activities, games, jokes and trivia.
IXL – Math Practice for JK to Grade 6!  It’s math learning that sticks with you! IXL – MATH FOR THE LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN
Do you like Optical Illusions? Try this site: Click Here 

Do you need Multiplication Practice? Click Here.


Transformation Games Try different transformations: reflection, rotation, and translation.
Student Resources LIKE TO READ OR NEED TO RESEARCH FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT?.. HERE ARE SOME EXCELLENT RESOURCES!  To find your next Library Book Click HERE To search our Virtual Library – Click HERE To read a Tumblebook, Click HERE