A photo of Smithson Public School's front entrance.

Smithson Public School

Smithson Public School was built in 1953. The school officially opened on November 20th, 1954. Along with our Kindergarten to Grade 6 classes, we also have a Primary and Junior Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) class , and a Developmental Education class. The integration of all our students is truly valued. Smithson is a feeder school to Stanley Park Senior Public School and Grand River Collegiate Institute (GRCI).

Our Motto

At Smithson, our motto is:

“We are all different. We are all the same.”


Our Mascot – Smitty!!

Smithson’s mascot (Smitty) is the lion. It signifies PRIDE – the pride of being a member of the Smithson community.

Smithson PRIDE

At Smithson we care for one another and work together. It is also an acronym which our students strive to practise each day:


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