We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our third annual Dance-a-Thon on Friday, May 3rd, 2019. The proceeds from our efforts will be used to support various school initiatives. We know that you will support this event with your customary generosity and enthusiasm. Our goal for this year is $2500.

Why a Dance-a-Thon? To meet the Healthy Schools Challenge given by the Minister of Education, we must increase the level of physical activity in our school. A Dance-a-Thon contributes to the physical well-being of our students, which in turn will benefit them in their academic life AND IT’S FUN!

The Dance-a-Thon is complete with colourful lighting, great music and a black light (so if the students wear white clothing, they will glow!).  Students are reminded to wear clothing they can move around easily in and comfortable shoes to the event. They will be participating as per the schedule below.

  • 11:35am – 12:10pm – Primary Classes
  • 12:20pm – 1:05pm – Junior Classes

Students are asked to get sponsors who are friends, relatives or neighbours whom they know well.  CHILDREN ARE NOT TO GO DOOR-TO-DOOR to obtain sponsors.  Flat rate pledges paid in advance are requested. Donations and pledge forms will be sent home today and are to be returned to the school in the envelope provided no later than Thursday, May 2nd, 2019.

Alternatively, donations can be made directly to the Smithson WEFI (Waterloo Education Foundation Inc.) account.  Donations made through  WEFI are eligible for a tax receipt.  Donating to WEFI is super simple and easy!  Simply go to our school website (SMITHSON PUBLIC SCHOOL website) and click on the “Donate Online” button on the left side of the page.   

We will also have additional items available for sale at the Dance-a-Thon, and a pre-sale will be available the day before (Thursday, May 2nd). Items will range between $1 and $2. The “Cosmic Store” items look great under the special lighting used at the Dance-a-Thon and will make a fantastic souvenir from the event.

Thank you for helping make this fundraiser a great success!